What does the logistics service chain in Vietnam include?

Logistics is an important service in the economic and social development of Vietnam. So what does the Logistics chain include? Find out more details in the article below.

Companies and organizations dealing in logistics services are already familiar to customers with import and export needs. Logistics has its own specific legal characteristics, the process corresponding to each business model is different depending on the requirements of the business.

What is logistics service?

Logistics service is an e-commerce activity, whereby businesses are the ones who carry out the processes of importing raw materials, manufacturing, verifying and distributing goods directly to consumers. To put it simply, logistics will plan, deploy and monitor the process of transporting goods in each business.

What components does the logistics service chain include?

In general, activities in the logistics service chain include

– Loading and unloading service: This service will carry out the process of packing goods into containers to move, loading and unloading goods to put in the warehouse.

– Warehousing services: Including activities of packing silver inserts, packing wooden crates for fragile items, leasing warehouses to transport goods.

– Inland transportation service: Including the stages of taking goods from the warehouse, the receiving address to transport to the seaport, the wharf to the destination.

– Declare customs tax: perform declaration activities, declare customs declarations to approve export of goods

– Book freight, rent ships: logistics service units will search for reservations for customers’ goods to bring to the destination.

– Import clearance: Conduct declaration and do customs procedures before you want to clear the goods.

– Freight forwarding: receiving goods at the port and delivering them to the committed address for the customer.

In addition to the above main services, logistics also transport activities including

Entrusted import and export services.
Paper consulting services, import and export procedures.
Apply for a publication permit for special items such as merchandise, food, and cosmetics.
If transporting real goods or animals, the shipping company will apply for a quarantine certificate for these goods.
Apply for a certificate of origin.
Consulting on labeling of goods.
HS code lookup.
Carry out price consulting work.
Perform product analysis and classification.
Characteristics of the logistics service industry

Experts have researched and pointed out that logistics is based on 3 aspects: survival logistics, operational logistics and system logistics.

– Survival logistics: related to basic needs aspects of life. Satisfying essential human activities such as eating, drinking, staying, etc. This characteristic becomes the essence and foundation for other logistics activities in general.

– Operational logistics is a new development of survival logistics and is associated with the entire process and production system of the enterprise’s products. Operational logistics will involve the movement and storage of incoming materials, into, through and out of the business, and into distribution channels before reaching the final consumer.

– System logistics: are the factors to ensure the best operation of systems such as equipment, machinery, resources, technology, infrastructure, ..

Because logistics is always in the chain of supporting activities to help all businesses and organizations operate their business processes, even after the products have been completed and delivered to consumers, the presence is indispensable. of logistics services.