Recovery of logistics and supply chain activities in Vietnam today

The global economy is expanding with economic cooperation between countries trading, importing and exporting of goods. However, when the pandemic broke out, countries implemented a national closure policy, and the economy stagnated because logistics and import and export could not work.

Supply chain situation in Vietnam

The number of enterprises participating in logistics is increasing. However, most of these logistics companies operate on a small scale. There are many businesses that are agents for Logistics corporations from abroad. Considering the size of our country’s territory, the above figure is still not enough to meet the demand.

In addition, foreign enterprises are also investing in Vietnam’s fertile logistics market and strong competition, which will make it even more difficult for Vietnamese businesses.

Factors affecting logistics activities in Vietnam

The infrastructure

One of the dilemmas that our country’s logistics faces is that the infrastructure for logistics activities is not modern, lacks the best equipment to transport goods. In addition, the situation of many goods being congested and overloaded has not yet been solved.


Information technology application is not good

The application of information technology in Logistics is still weak. For example, the website array is mostly service introduction information, but the features of order tracking, train schedules, bookings have not been updated, etc. To develop strongly, IT application is very necessary.

State management policy

The legal framework is not tight and flexible, the supporting laws and directives are not effective to promote the development of logistics and import-export sectors.