How to transport goods from China to Vietnam safely and quickly?

Enterprises dealing in goods imported from China to Vietnam must always be interested in how to bring goods back home safely and quickly? When you have a good source of goods, satisfactory products, but how to ship is another headache for businesses.
Logistics CMC would like to share the safest and fastest ways to transport goods from China to Vietnam.

1. Road transport
Road transport is a method of transporting goods by means of land moving such as cars, trucks, tank trucks, trailers, container trucks, trailers, semi-trailers towed cars…
Road transport: two-way Vietnam-China, cross-country transport, road transport from ports, airports, railway stations, borders, border gates to inland. Transporting machinery, equipment and super-heavy goods.

Advantages of road transport:

  • Road transport mainly uses trucks, so it is very flexible in the process of transporting goods, does not depend on time and does not have a specific time limit, but only needs to be agreed upon by the parties themselves. As may change during shipping.
  • It is possible to choose the means, quantity of goods or routes according to the customer’s requirements and can also combine goods to reduce costs.
  • Goods transported by road save much time compared to sea and can be delivered to many places that other means cannot reach.
  • Goods go from the sender to the receiver, not through other means, which helps to reduce the time and cost of loading and unloading.
  • Convenience in choosing a large or small vehicle to transport to suit the type of goods and the quantity of goods or the way. Save cost and labor. The cost of transporting goods by road is usually lower.
  • Transporting goods by road can bring goods to the required place, not transfer goods to other means of transport.

2. Sea freight
Sea transport is a transport activity related to the use of marine transport infrastructure and means, that is, the use of land and water areas associated with sea routes connecting countries. , territories, or areas within a country, and the use of ships, loading and unloading equipment, etc. to serve the movement of passengers and goods on sea routes.

Advantages of sea transport:

  • Shipping by sea can serve to transport all kinds of goods.
  • The sea transport routes are mostly natural.
  • The carrying capacity of sea transport is very large.
  • Sea shipping is not restricted like other modes of transport.
  • Low construction, renovation and maintenance costs due to natural traffic.
  • Cargo carrying capacity of large vehicles, carrying many different types of goods in relatively large quantities.
  • The usability to transport specialized containers is quite high.
  • Shipping costs are lower than other means of transport, suitable for transporting goods in large quantities.

3. Air freight
Air transport is a form of transportation of people/goods by means of air movement, which are mainly aircraft. Air freight is suitable for international transportation of goods with small weight such as fast fax transmission, low weight, compact parcels, ..

Advantages of air freight services:

  • Air freight service has great transport speed, fast delivery time.
  • Ensure high safety for transported goods, support services are better than other means of transport.
  • Documents and transportation procedures are simple, not as complicated as other means, especially transportation by sea.
  • Air transport applies the most advanced, modern and high technologies.
  • Air freight services are not suitable for bulky goods or large volumes of goods, goods of low value.

With all 3 ways of transporting goods from China to Vietnam, CMC Logistics provides freight services with the best prices, ensuring accuracy on time and closely tracking the journey of goods.
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